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+ PR
+ Design
+ Branding
+ Marketing
+ Photography
+ Videography
+ Social Media
+ 2D Animation
+ Crowdfunding
+ Visual Effects
+ Web development
We are a Dutch managed independent consultant agency working out of Eastern Europe. We have formed a Collective with other agencies and talents, each of them with a proven track-record. As a result, we offer a large variety of disciplines, each with impeccable quality guarantee, assurance of deadlines and favourable pricing structure due to our lack of overheads.

Amongst ourselves we have lived in 15 and have travelled to more than 50 countries. Resultantly, we are multi-culturally apt and possess a very large and unique network of contacts worldwide.

Additionally, we have the benefit of being advised by various seasoned and senior experts of all industries.

+ Africa
+ Europe
+ Far East
+ Middle East
+ North America



We like to be transparent about our pricing structures:
+ All our disciplines (except Visual Effects) are priced at a daily rate of €140.
+ Visual Effects disciplines are priced at an hourly rate of €25.

Our collective includes a brand new, 300m2 studio near the airport.

In case you would like to shoot outdoors in Budapest, we are equipped to arrange location scouts and on-locations shoots anywhere in town.

+ Advertising
+ Optimalization
+ E-mail Marketing
+ Content Creation
+ Content Management

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+ lighting and rendering
+ animation / compositing
+ digital make up
+ physics simulation

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+ Moodshot
+ Packshot
+ Portrait
+ Fashion

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+ Logo
+ Identity
+ 3D rendering
+ Print material
+ Package design
+ Mission statement

Jan. - Mar. 2018:
+ Instagram (0 - 3000 followers)
+ Public Relations (LinkedIn & E-mail)
+ Commercial stills (mood & studio packshot)
+ Commercial motion (product commercial incl. VFX)
+ Identity design (business card, signature, trade pitch deck)
+ Event support incl. physical presence (Amsterdam & London)

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We are at your disposal!

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